Inspired by THE NEW YORKER covers surrounding the theme of women reading, I was hunting for one that resonated with me to get as an art print. However, upon searching, I saw that most of the artwork was of either blonde haired or redheaded women, a blonde fair-skinned angel, and then an outline. I found two brunettes, but still fair-skinned. While all of the pieces reflected how i felt as a bookworm, none of them felt like “me.”

This led to the creation of this illustration, an ode to my many years of always carrying a book on the train, a mini escape before I arrived at my destination. It also paid homage to the many subway rides to The Strand Bookstore!

New Yorker Covers of women reading (for reference):

new yorker collage.jpg


The Indian Festival of Holi traditionally marked the beginning of a new harvest season. Now, it’s more associated with spreading happiness and positivity through color, to celebrate unity and all good things. Spring is also the beginning of a new seasonal calendar. The flowers are blooming and the explosion of color after a dreary and gloomy Winter make us all do a happy dance and give us a case of “spring fever” for sure. 



brown girl dreaming

Inspired by that summertime feeling—making wishes on dandelions and starry nights, the magic of fireflies, & dreaming of greatness.


Legend of Lakshmi Prasad

Twinkle Khanna wrote a wonderful story that takes place in a small part of rural India, where a girl’s destiny was written before she was born—to be married off. Lakshmi Prasad changes that by taking the basic idea that giving a girl financial independence—the opportunity to educate herself, earn for herself—can pave new paths and allows for creating their own destiny.

This illustration was inspired by a line in the book that resonated with me.

Legend of Lakshmi Prasad .jpg



I was inspired by Neil Gaiman and his essay on why libraries, and more importantly fiction is so important. Fiction, whether tragic, romantic, humorous, or fantastical, are stories of others. There’s meaning in each word. Stories allows us to look through another’s eyes, feel through another’s heart, and walk in another’s shoes. They teach us empathy, understanding, compassion. They teach us humanity. Listening to other’s stories, no matter how different, how heartbreaking, how other-worldly it may seem, will help us connect with one another better, help us open our minds.

Girl with Goddesses.jpg

Goddess Power

It’s International Day of the Girl. 
In the way we worship Durga for her strength, encourage girls to stand up for themselves. 

In the way we worship Parvati for her warmth, appreciate girls for their sensitivity.

In the way we worship Saraswati for her wisdom, teach girls the importance of knowledge.

In the way we worship Lakshmi for bringing prosperity, help girls strive for success.

In the way we worship Kali for her fearlessness, let girls know they are capable of anything. 

Black and white light.jpg

Together, We Hold the Light

While everyone may celebrate the holidays differently, we celebrate for the same reasons: light taking over the darkness, leading the way into a brighter new year. With a flicker and twinkle of the flame, we all hope for goodness. And together, our lights will shine brighter to make the darkness disappear. .

1 inch x 1 inch drawings


As a part of the 1x1 drawing challenges, I wanted to play around with expressions and feelings. With the tiniest canvas to work with, it was fun trying to incorporate the facial expressions while also keeping things simple.