2017, Process.

Happy 2017, friends. 


With a new year, there is always the wonderful idea of new-ness. Phrases like #newyearnewme, while cliche, give us hope for a chance to make things happen. Gives us a psychological reset of sorts, so that we can feel like we didn’t miss out on anything in the year past, so we don’t feel the regret of the yesteryear. 

I’m in the same boat. I’ve been hoping and mulling about this idea for a couple of years, but never felt confident enough to go for it, and I realize now that I’ve been silly to doubt myself. So I’m putting out my hopes out into the world, as a motivator for myself to move forward. I’ll be focusing more on using my doodles as a voice for dreams, a platform of encouragement, and a medium to educate. This has always been the reason for creating bright & blue, so stay tuned for what’s coming soon!