for inclusion.

With another MLK day passing by, we hear the quotes about love and equality. This year it is more important than ever to have these words everywhere. It is more important than ever with the rise of hatred filling our world, and our news, and our feeds. MLK had a dream, which sparked a rise in the people, and led to change. We need to develop on his dream. We need to dream bigger, do more, create a bigger spark.  

What MLK preached about was beautiful, and his philosophy is timeless. But the breadth of his dream, understandably, was about black and white coming together--fitting for his time. The world is more than black and white today. There are more minority groups than ever. There are the disabled, the handicapped groups, there are the LGBTQ groups. ALL PEOPLE. 

Our country is built upon "We the People", meaning all decisions in government will be FOR THE PEOPLE...which means inclusion, inclusion of all groups mentioned and more.

With the Women's March in D.C. this week, I was inspired by the phrase and the simple definition of the word people, that many in power seem to have forgotten:

peo·ple   ˈpēpəl/
1. human beings in general or considered collectively.
synonyms: human beings, persons, individuals, humans, mortals, (living) souls, personages, menwomen, and childreninformal folks "crowds of people"
2the men, women, and children of a particular nation, community, or ethnic group.
synonyms: race, (ethnic) group, tribeclan

For those marching, or for those wanting to show their support for the march, I share this free downloadable illustration, for you to share, print, and spread the word for women--for the people--everywhere. 

Click the image for the hi-res downloadable JPEG! =]

Click the image for the hi-res downloadable JPEG! =]