Summer Markets!

This summer has been a whole lot of busy, and I cannot believe it is almost over! 

I spent most of July hanging out at Queens Night Market with a diverse group of NYCers, who enjoyed the super-delicious abundance of food carts and strolled the shops under the summer evening skies. I had a great time meeting people, talking about my illustrations, and getting a lot of love! I also learned--very quickly--how to protect my artwork in a torrential downpour. It was a great experience! 

Working alone in a home studio, my cards are packed up in nice little boxes, waiting until I open them to mail out to customers, so these markets are a perfect chance to see how much I have achieved in just creating so many designs. Displaying them all together just adds a little bit of magic to them, and I can step back and be proud of what I've accomplished. 

Here are some fun shots of my booth at the Queens Night Market: 

Thank you Queens Night Market for such a wonderful summer event! If you haven't checked it out, it's ongoing every Saturday Until August 20th, and then back in October! =] 


I then moved on to Brooklyn, where I set up shop last weekend at The Invisible Dog Art Center, for F.A.D. WEEKEND! Jen and Alan, the organizers of this event, were amazing hosts, and I had a ton of fun meeting fellow vendors, and sharing our ups and downs--and lefts and rights,--with each other! 

I launched lots of new goodies at this market, and I loved talking to visitors about their favorite cards, and helping them decide which ones to finally get, because they had so many favorites! It was a wonderful feeling to see visitors see a card and smile knowingly, as if they knew the perfect recipient for that card, or sharing a quick "aww" or "omgg" with their friends and family over an illustration! It felt so validating, and I was happy to see my doodles bring smiles right in front of me! 


Here's a look at my set up at F.A.D!