Do You Just Doodle All Day?

I get asked this question quite often by folks because they are unsure of what Bright & Blue is all about. So, I've decided to do a little Frequently Asked Questions blog post about myself and my work, and share with you what I love about it! 

What do you do for a living?

I used to have such a hard time answering this question because I hated the follow up questions after that ("but art is just a hobby...") Now I proudly say that I am an Illustrator, and Bright & Blue Designs is my growing company.  I manufacture stationery products for wholesale and retail, and I also love working on custom illustration projects, such as invitations, menus, save the dates, and even books and magazines. 

Did you study Illustration?

Although I have always been gifted with my artistic ability, I was never a risk-taker when I was younger, so I thought my safest bet for survival in the real world was a "normal career." (What is a "normal career" anyways?) I decided late in my life to take a leap into the world of stationery and illustration, and I don't regret one sleepless night of it. I am self-taught in the world of Stationery...I've researched and gained knowledge from countless books, networking events , and a few courses in illustration marketing and more!  So, technically, my degree is not in illustration, but I definitely studied it (and continue to do so)!  

Do you just doodle all day?

I spend many days and nights doodling away. BUT it isn't JUST drawing. Before I can even start an illustration, I have to be inspired by something. Whether it's something I see, read, hear, or feel--which means I am ALWAYS researching. (Our next conversation might inspire a new doodle, friend!) Once inspiration hits, (and it will conveniently be at 3:00am when I think I'm sleepy) I finally start sketching ideas, until I hit a home run.  When that is done--it isn't over yet!--the technical stuff comes into play till the product is finally printed and ready to show the world. 

When I'm not drawing, I'm thinking about the business-y stuff. You know the extremely fun part of the day! (Note: sarcasm)  This list is super long, so I won't bore you with details. The gist of it is...I don't JUST draw all day, but when I do, I'm the happiest girl in the world!

How is it going so far? (Thanks for asking!)

I spend every waking hour thinking about Bright & Blue. I can sit until my bum gets numb in my little  at-home studio painting and drawing away. It is exhausting and emotional, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I cannot imagine myself doing anything else anymore. I love the world of stationery, and to be part of this wonderful--and extremely kind--community has been a dream come true. I am still working toward many of my goals, but slowly and surely, it is paying off. I was accepted into the 2015 National Stationery Show , with only 6 cards in my line, and by the time the show came around, I had more than 50 products. At the show, I was a finalist in two categories of the Best New Product showcase, and I successfully made it through my first product launch! I've continued to receive orders, while also being an approved Etsy Wholesaler. I have been a vendor at holiday markets around NYC (check out my previous posts for photos of these events) ,and will continue to do so, as it's a great way to meet new people, gain feedback, share new products, and get inspired! I am also moving into other illustration projects, and right now working with a publishing company on a large-scale project that I am so excited to be a part of. These successes are opening so many doors for me in the illustration world, and for that i am extremely grateful.  

What is Bright & Blue Designs?

Bright & Blue Designs was created because the goal of my illustrations is to invoke happy feelings and smiles. I create to inspire dreams, kindness, love, and vibes, in a world that sometimes forgets how self-esteem and humanity impacts our lives. Bright & Blue reminds me of a happy sunshine-y day in a garden, surrounded by daisies and sunflowers. It is also a dedication to my parents, without whom I would have never been able to take the plunge of starting my own business. My dad's name means "light" and my mom's name means "blue", and that is how I derived the name Bright & Blue Designs. While I've started with a line of stationery, I am  starting to branch out into ventures, and love that my daily life is not a mundane routine of repetition, and adventure is a part of my career!

Do it with Passion or Not at all


HARD WORK PAYS OFF. Narrow your focus, work hard, and don't be afraid to put yourself out there. Most importantly, stay true to yourself. Follow your instincts, and don't fall under pressure of what is already out there. Do it with  passion, and you will be rewarded.