Holi Humanity!




Holi—it’s a time to celebrate a new spring, a time to wish well unto others, and rejoice in togetherness, spreading love through color.  Not living in India, I haven’t had the chance to fully rejoice in the traditional celebrations, and have always felt like I missed out. While I wish I was drenched in bright colors rather than drenched in slushy snow, I hope those who were able to celebrate this weekend remembered the reason that we celebrate. As you doused each other with colors and shared in laughter, I hope you shared feelings of mutual respect towards each other. And I hope that as you washed away the colors from your clothes and hair, you didn't wash away the messages of love and togetherness. The barriers are removed for a few hours of celebrations, but I hope you continue along that path as the new season comes into full bloom.


This weekend was a celebration of good over evil, but I find that we've become immune to stories of evil, that we've accepted it as life. Violence, abuse, riots, rapes--we've become immune to the stories we see on news outlets and media platforms.  But a politically driven debate is not my aim with this post. It’s about humanity and what the world—not just India—seems to be forgetting.


It’s about being a human.


Not being a man or woman. HUMAN.


And society has become less about humanity, and more about superiority, about a hardened ego that refuses to soften. 


Every human has problems; every human has successes and failures every step in this journey we call life. Yet some humans think that other humans should be scrutinized in every decision they make. Humans want to accomplish goals and dreams. Yet there are some humans who want to stop them from getting ahead in life because they think it is unfair. Some humans are afraid that if other humans are becoming successful in their own paths, other humans will become obsolete. And that is why they feed their ego and create societal norms that benefit them. Create your own dreams and goals, instead of trying to pull another human down. If you're so afraid of another human's success, then you must be afraid to follow your path.


For some humans to feel that they have an authority to label other humans for their actions, or make decisions for other humans' futures; this is where the problem lies. No human has been given authority to rule or command another's life. Humans are a collaborative species. We thrive on knowledge we gain from other humans, we mold ourselves based on experiences with other humans and we push ourselves to work harder by believing in other humans who have accomplished similar goals. So why create such barriers that will stop humans from thriving? Let each human create their own path. If we continue to squash other’s potentials, the human race will be extinct, as I feel we are a much endangered species already.