DIY Diwali Luminaries

The holidays are here! Which means another holiday season of crafting of course! I thought this year I'd share some how-to's of my crafty adventures. This week the Diwali celebrations are in full swing, with family gatherings, yummy sweets, and of course a home filled with lights, to bless us all, and light the way for a joyous year to come!



First, get some translucent paper, like this vellum paper, in a few colors. I chose to go with bright and fun colors! Cut them in strips of different heights, as per your liking.


Then, with black pens (I used my favorite micron pens in .08 and 1 sizes) and optional glitter glue pens (the Martha Stewart ones are awesome!), draw various patterns and designs on mainly the middle portion of the paper strip.

Once you draw your doodles and designs, and your glitter dries, roll up the strip and tape the two ends together with clear tape.

After you've taped up all your paper luminaries, you have two options: you could put the luminaria over a tealight (just make sure its wide enough that it's not touching the candle)  so that the light shines through the paper, or you can place a few candles in an arrangement in front of it for the light to bounce off. 



Happy Diwali from Bright & Blue Designs!