The Mandatory New Year Reflection Blog Post

“It’s the first Monday of the year and I’m attempting to be as productive as possible because this Monday will reflect how I am for the next 51 Mondays.”

—what the whole world is thinking today.

We’re all guilty of it.

The lists, the goals, the resolutions. And why not? What else is a new year for, if not a chance to better yourself?

2014 was a year full of learning experiences and an explosion of ideas. Life tested my limits, and I made it out with a better idea of what I wanted for myself. As I start 2015 a little bit smarter than last year, I hope to accomplish everything on my list. More than hope, however, I will work harder than ever and make some big changes in order to make sure that things do get crossed off my list.  

Instead of sharing my list, though, I’ll be showing you my list. Through instagram, through blog posts, through whatever media I can get my hands on, I will be shamelessly plugging myself wherever I can, and I’m #sorrynotsorry for that.  But before I can do that, here’s what I learned in the last year.

DON’T STRESS. Let go of things, because you can’t control everything. I can control my actions, and not other’s reactions, so why bother. Do what you can in the hours that you have, and don’t push your body over the limit. Stress does not allow for happy creating!

CRAFT FOR FUN.  Sometimes, when your passion is your career, it can become redundant rather than relaxing. Change things up, find a new space to work in, and experiment with different styles. You never know where it can take you. And don’t worry about a project being “for something.”  Creativity thrives upon itself. 

SURROUND YOURSELF WITH POSITIVITY. Being an artist and actually calling yourself one is very intimidating. You wait for the person standing across from you to say, “no really, what do you do?” It’s tough to stay motivated when you feel you have to prove yourself to others, and explain what you do, why you do it, and why aren’t you doing something else.  So I’m gonna take a cue from T.Swift, and just shake them off.

Although I’m a late bloomer in the art world, I have no doubts that I will get to where I am, and that is because of the support system I have.  My parents, although they may not actively tell me, are the biggest support system I have. They see me working through the night and they see how much I want to accomplish certain goals, and are encouraging in their own ways. My dad is the one I run to for all the non-art related questions I get stuck on, and my mom is there to help me with all the crafty stuff--like cutting 1000 glitter paper shapes when needed.

My fiancé—my brand-spankin’ new fiancé as of August!—has been my number one fan even before Bright & Blue Designs was born. Without his push, I would not have been where I am today, more confident in my artwork, and less fearful to go out there and show the world who I really am. He is the one who is there for all my silly freak outs and breakdowns. He’s also there with that “WOW! I LOVE IT” text whenever I send him a doodle, even if it’s on a napkin. I’m so thankful for him because I couldn’t have gotten this far without his “you have to go for it!” messages! 


As for the rest of my little group of friends, you know who you are. Your constant feedback, your encouraging words, and your tolerance of my constant art related snaps and messages, are a blessing and mean the world to me.

That’s it. That’s what I learned in 2014. Now I’ll take what I learned, and I’ll create. Get ready for a bright and blue year!