Bright & Blue Designs is a vision founded by me, Natasha Bhagwanani. I am a self-taught illustrator hoping to inspire and motivate others to believe in themselves, believe in their dreams, and believe in each other. I'm inspired by the little things in life. With my illustrations, I hope to invoke feelings of peace and love and positivity, and want my doodles to be a voice for following dreams, a platform for encouragement, and a medium to educate. I believe that kindness and love can go a long way in life, and that the human race is a cooperative species, one that can thrive from a focus on individual goals & a positive collective energy.

I have been a bibliophile since even before I could read (thanks Dad!)--and my love of words plays a huge role in my life. My work is a mix of original writing and my favorite quotes, along with motifs inspired by my Indian heritage. I enjoy creating brightly colored, smile-inducing illustrations, hoping that smile will serve as a reminder of positivity in our daily lives, and bring joy to someone's day.